Advanced Laser Diagnostics & Analysis Tools

– High-speed 3D-PIV system (10-50kHz)

– High-speed formaldehyde planar laser induced fluorescence (PLIF, 10-50kHz)

– Two high speed cameras, 21,000-2,100,000 frames per second (Photron SA-Z)SAZ

– Structured Light-field focusing system for flame-flow measurements and visualization

– Computer-controlled 3-axis traverse

– Pressure System: 80-channel high-speed pressure scanners

– Hot Wire Anemometer

– Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA)PDPA

– Intensifier Lens Assembly

– LabView control hardware and software

– Codes: DMD, POD, PIV, Turb, Physics-Based Models (Matlab/Fortran)

– Computational fluid dynamics (OpenFoam, Fluent, Star CCM+)

– High performance computing (STOKES)

Experimental Facility Ramjet

– Subsonic, high speed and temperature blow down test section: 2in x 5in x 12in, 150 m/s

– Open-circuit Wind Tunnel: 3in x 4in, 20 m/s

– Supersonic Test Section (Mach = 1 to 2): 3in x 4in x 10in

– LEGO Detonation Facility

– Co-Axial Jet Shear Layer Facility

– Pneumatic Control Valves

– Closed-circuit wind tunnel facility (AeroLab LLC)LDF

■ 125 H.P. motor (variable frequency AC Drive)

■ High-speed Test Section: 3 x 4 ft, 8 ft long, 55 m/s, turntable and pitch mechanism

■ Low-speed Test Section: 7 x 8 ft, 7 ft long, 12 m/sRF