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MRI-guided Targeted Prostate Biopsy

Development of an MRI guided targeted biopsy system for prostate cancer diagnosis. We implement device-to-image registration free approach to minimize procedure time and technical complexity. Ultimate goal is to enable single visit definitive prostate cancer diagnosis.

Lead:  Pankaj Kulkarni

Template Design Optimization for Core Needle Biopsy

Various needle guide templates are used to guide core needle biopsies. Some result in better quality tissue samples than others. This study is to characterize and optimize guided biopsy gun operation.

Lead:  Pankaj Kulkarni

Robotic Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation

A robotic orthopedic surgery with a novel extraction mechanism that can precisely remove a damaged area from joints and transplant healthy cartilage-bone tissue from non-weight-bearing area.

Lead:  Pradipta Biswas

Novel Double-Disc Mechanism Needle Guide

A robotic needle guide for MRI-guided prostate biopsy.  The robot’s novel mechanism provides 4-DOF needle guide with a compact design comparable to manual templates.

Lead:  Pradipta Biswas

Medical Expertise Pooling

An early diagnostic and preventive screening concept that utilizes existing provider resources through network, providing healthcare for rural and underserved population, and deployed military. 

Lead:  Sakura Sikander

Tele Tactile Display

Touch is an importance component of medicine and still lacking in telemedicine. This project is to develop mechanism and material to create tactile display with controllable hardness.

Lead:  Sakura Sikander

Semi-robotic laparoscopic surgery system

Robotic laparoscopic surgery became widely available. However, a far simpler system that can provide few critical functions could also be used for simpler procedures. This project is to develop a portable laparoscopy support system.

Uterus Manipulator

Design of a robotic uterus manipulator that can provide 2-DOF manipulation during conventional or robotic laparoscopic surgery.

Wearable Tactile Display for Spatial Recognition

Development of distributed tactile display on military personnel to provide immediate recognition of critical spatial information through touch sensation.

Interocular Pressure Measurement Device

Development of an advanced transpalpebral tonometer for intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement to prevent gloucoma.

Single Actuation Multiple Manipulation (SAMM)

A typical electric motor delivers single actuation so multi DOF system requires the same number of motors such as robots. This project is to develop a selective transmission mechanism that can control multiple output axes using a single motor.

Air Slicer Image Visualization

A spatial visualization device that enables users to control and view cross-sections of 3D objects with greater perception of location and orientation. This visualization method utilizes human physical intuition into effective control of 3D medical models, dramatically enhancing localization and navigation ability.