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Both Carlos and Kestrel were awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to continue their research during Summer 2020. Congratulations!

Kestrel was warded an OUR grant to conduct his research titled “Sample Generating Apparatus for the Chemical Profiling of Tire Traces”. Congratulations Kestrel!

Carlos’ application for an honors undergraduate thesis scholarship was successful. Congratulations Carlos!


“Built Like A Virus”

The capsid of many spherical viruses can be constructed from a basic honeycomb lattice using only hexagons and pentagons made of proteins. The same principles used to build spherical viruses can be employed to design deployable shells, such as the ones used in space satellites where large shells need to be assembled from simple portable units. Join us in this activity where we will explore the Caspar-Klug construction for spherical viruses and build a paper template for a T=3 viral shell!

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Engineering 1, Room 222