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Nina Orlovskaya

Associate Professor

Office: ENGR 1, Rm. 217

Website: Ceramic Materials for Energy Applications


Ph.D. (Materials Science), Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Kiev, Ukraine, 1993
M.S. (Ceramics), Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, 1984

Research Interests

Solid oxide fuel cells; Boron rich solids; Catalytically-active thin films; Perovskite membrane reactors for oxygen separation; Ceramic materials for energy security; In-situ Raman spectroscopy; TEM; XRD; Ferroelastic time dependent behavior of perovskites; Mechanical performance and reliability of ceramics; Design of residual stresses in ceramic-layered composites; Manufacturing of ceramic laminates; Ultra-high temperature ceramic composites.


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  • Orlovskaya, N., Xie, Z., Blair, R.G., Mechanochemical synthesis and applications of new IrB2 and IrB powders, U.S. Provisional Patent, Serial No.: 62/069,299, Filed on October 27, 2014.
  • Orlovskaya N.,Terracciano A., Dasgupta A., Liquid Fueled Porous Combustion Apparatus and Method, United States of America Patent 1335P047, 2014.
  • Orlovskaya, N., Xie, Z., Blair, R.G., Mechanochemical synthesis of hexagonal OsB2, US Patent, filed on 1/16/2014, US 14/157,216

Scientific and Professional Societies

  • Member of the Materials Research Society
  • Member of the American Ceramic Society

Honors and Awards

  • Member of Editorial Board “Advances in Applied Ceramics”, 2015
  • Research Incentive Award, UCF, 2015
  • Ecole Federale Polytechnique de Lausanne, Visiting Professor, Sabbatical, August 2013-April 2014
  • University of Santiago, Chile, Visiting Professor, December 2011, December 2012
  • UCF Lockheed Martin Faculty Fellow 2010-2012.
  • DoE NETL Faculty Summer Visit, July-August 2009.
  • EMPA Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research, Visiting Professorship, June 2009, June 2010, June 2011, June-July 2012, May-July 2014.
  • NATO ARW Award to organize a workshop on Boron Rich Solids at UCF, 2009.
  • Career Award, NSF, 2008.
  • Royal Society Travel Award, Queen Mary, University of London, UK, 2007-2008.