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Isaac Boxx

Dr. Isaac Boxx (DLR) is collaborating with the PERL at UCF to apply Advanced high-speed laser diagnostics on high-speed turbulent Combustion to understand turbulent flame-vortex structure and dynamics

Dr. Isaac Boxx is a senior scientist at the Institute of Combustion Technology of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt – “DLR”) in Stuttgart. His research focusses on understanding the structure and dynamics of turbulent flames at engine-relevant conditions. Dr. Boxx is a pioneer in the development and application of high-bandwidth laser imaging techniques (kHz particle image velocimetry and planar laser-induced fluorescence) for the study of turbulent flames. These techniques have helped revolution our understanding of combustion instability, thermoacoustic pulsation, blow-off and flashback in gas turbine engines.

Prior to working at DLR, Dr. Boxx completed his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and was a research associate with the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, OH. His research is supported by the European Research Council, Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the German Aerospace Center.