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1. A.C. Terracciano, S.S. Vasu, N. Orlovskaya, Experiments and modeling of advective output from porous combustors using reclaimed fuel sources. 

2. Carlos Velez, Scott Martin, Subith S. Vasu, Aleksandar Jemcov, Prediction of a Turbulent Enclosed Premixed Hydrogen Flame with the Uniform Conditional Moment Closure Model. 

3. B. Koroglu, Z. Loparo, R. E. Peale, S. S. Vasu, IR cross-sections, line strengths, and collision broadening coefficients of propanal in gas phase- Amajor biofuels combustion intermediate. 

4. Luke Thompson, Bader Almansour, Joseph Lopez, Leonid Glebov, Subith S. Vasu, Laser ignition and flame development in premixed conventional and alternative fuel mixtures. 

5. Carlos Velez, Scott Martin, Subith S. Vasu, Aleksandar Jemcov, The Uniform Conditional Moment Closure Model for Premixed Combustion of a Turbulent Enclosed Methane Jet. 

6. G. Barari, S. S. Vasu, Improved kinetic model and HCCI engine simulations of diisopropyl ketone ignition. 

7. K. Thurmond, W.P. Partridge Jr., R. Connatser, S. S. Vasu, Design and Validation of LED-based absorption sensor for simultaneous detection of CO and CO2. 

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