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The Interventional Robotics Laboratory welcomes donations to support pilot research projects and hands-on learning opportunities for all levels of undergraduate and graduate students. The donation also supports summer research opportunities for high school students. The donation fund allows us to plant new ideas that could sprout and grow as future technologies.

Your donation is administered by the UCF Foundation with a simple online donation system described below.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

For online donations, please go to:
In the Donation Information section, select “Other” under the Designation area and then copy/paste or type in “Code CECS000087 MAE IRL” as illustrated in the image below:

CECS: College of Engineering and Computer Science

MAE: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

IRL: Interventional Robotics Laboratory

If donating by check, the check would be made out to: “UCF Foundation” and mailed to:

UCF Foundation
12424 Research Parkway, Suite 250
Orlando, FL 32826

In the Memo Line, include same identifier: “Code CECS000087 MAE IRL”