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Robotic Orthopedic Surgery
  • Miniature bone-attached robot provides precise removal of damaged tissue for personalized implantation, and harvest autograft donor for transplantation
  • Target applications: minimally invasive joint replacement and transplantation
MRI Guided Intervention
  • MRI guided navigation and robotic guidance system providing target localization and percutaneous tool guidance
  • Target applications: MRI guided cancer biopsy and focal treatments
Medical Expertise Pooling
  • Maximize medical expertise resources by pooling provider expertise using tele sensing and manipulation including tele palpation
  • Target applications: rural health, emergency medicine, military medicine
Smart Laparoscopy System
  • Portable laparoscopic surgery support system that can provide critical advantages of robotic surgery in unequipped environments  
  • Target applications: laparoscopic surgery, military field operation, space medicine
Soft Robotics for Healthcare
  • Wearable, detachable, implantable, embedded soft robotic system to rehabilitate, assist patients, and enhance human performance
  • Target applications: physical therapy, rehabilitation, prosthetics, space, military, sports