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The Wearable Engineering and Assistive Robotics (WEAR) laboratory’s mission is to support research on wearable technologies to assist, enable or augment human activities. It is a 1400 -square-foot facility located in the Research 1 building (Room 313) and utilized for research and development of innovative technologies, testing and evaluation of the developed technologies, and interdisciplinary collaborations. 



The unique capabilities of the lab include the state-of-the-art equipment for high fidelity human movement biomechanics measurement (force-plate instrumented treadmill, motion capture camera system, electromyography, inertial measurement units, cardiopulmonary measurement mask) as well as robotic platforms, sensors and real-time controllers to implement and evaluate different design and control approaches while researching their impact on human performance, human-robot interactions, user acceptance and adaptation.

We are always looking for outstanding and motivated students to join our group