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EML 3811C / EAS 5407 Mechatronics

A laboratory-based and project-oriented mechatronics system class covering the fundamentals of and hands-on experience in microcontrollers, analog and digital electronics, sensors, actuators, control logics, and mechanical system elements.

Mechatronics is an integration of the mechanical and electrical engineering principles within a system, consisting of sensors, electronics, mechanisms, actuators, controls and programmings, and is widely used in the field of robotics, manufacturing, automation, and assembly. This course is designed to (1) understand the concept of mechatronics and mechatronics system components, (2) gain the fundamental knowledge about the design and operation of mechatronics components, mechanisms and control, (3) acquire hands-on skills in developing a mechatronic system to perform a task in real-world applications. Topics covered in the course include:mechatronic system models; sensors, transducers, actuators; analog and digital devices; signals and data acquisition; communication protocols; microcontroller and programming logics; mechanical designs and power transmission; control theories and implementation