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The Composite Materials and Structures Laboratory (CMSL) at the University of Central Florida founded in 2007 under the leadership of Prof. Jan Gou. The long range goal of our laboratory is to build state-of-art capabilities in composites processing, characterization, testing, and analysis to conduct fundamental research and provide a knowledge and technology base for composites applications in space, aircraft, energy, marine, automotive, infrastructure, and biomedical engineering. The interdisciplinary environment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at UCF has facilitated the achievement of our goal.

Our Research

The CMSL has attracted external research fundings from NSF, FAA, DOE, NASA, ONR, AFRI, ACS PRF, FSGC. , FCAAP, Space Florida, and industries. A team of Post-docs, PhD students, MS students, and undergraduate students have been trained in the laboratory.  Over the past decades, the CMSL team has conducted high level research to explore the processing-structure-property-performance relationship of composite materials (PMC, CMC, and MMC) and multi-functional coatings through formulation, synthesis, processing, manufacturing, characterization, and testing. 

Our experimental research has been integrated with multi-physics and multi-scale modeling techniques to understand the science of composites manufacturing processes and performance of composite materials and structures across multiple scales from nanoscale through micro-scale to macro-scale. The team has also explored tissue-equivalent materials and textile materials for medical device development, which involves synthesis, processing and testing of soft/flexible materials and composites to mimic mechanical and radiological properties of biological tissues.

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