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Research partners

Penn State Aerospace Engineering/ VLRCOE (PSU)
Penn State is where I performed my graduate education and research, and a place I spent as a Research Faculty.

I continue to collaborate with both the Penn State Vertical Lift and Rotorcraft Center (VLRCOE) and Penn State Aerospace Engineering.

Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (PSU-ARL)

PSU-ARL is a Navy University Affiliated Research Center. This provides a wonderful mix of the environments of a Navy Research Lab within a University setting. CFAL continues working with PSU-ARL.

Note that PSU-ARL is also hiring: One avenue is through internships as given here:

Noise Control Engineering (NCE)

CFAL is working with NCE to make sand-blast nozzles quite. More information on NCE can be found at:

Not to mention, NCE is hiring (take a look if you are interested in acoustics, structures, and FEA):

Entry Level Engineer: (Links to an external site.)

Senior Engineer: