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Thermal processes are pervasive in copious traditional and emerging engineering applications, such as food, energy, electronics, chemical, aerospace, manufacturing, nuclear, and biology. As such, they have received much attention over the history of humankind. Nevertheless, the scientific and engineering thermal community has never before been challenged as it is now to provide innovative solutions to improve existing technologies and support emerging ones. Communication between industry and academia needs to improve for scholars to better align their research with existing and future needs. Better fundamental knowledge and the development of predictive tools will be required in the near and long-term future.

This two-day workshop will bring academicians, industry experts, researchers from national labs and program managers to brainstorm and develop a shared vision and a roadmap for the community at large. Panels of industry experts, researchers and program managers will discuss emerging challenges that will need to be resolved to enable future technological advancement. Subsequently, participants will convene in breakout sessions to explore directions to address these roadblocks. Outcome form these discussions will then be presented and program managers will then have the opportunity to brainstorm about potential roadmaps.