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Welcome to Biomedical Acoustics Research Lab

Our mission is to develop methods and concepts to aid medical diagnosis, monitoring, and possibly therapeutic interventions. Our main approach utilizes knowledge in sound and vibration in the sub-audible, audible and ultra sound range. Such approach can lead to the design of medical devices that are inexpensive, safe, portable, and accurate.

BARL in a nutshell
Providing creative engineering solutions for human health problems
Our research emphasizes in a specific area of Mechanical Engineering that focuses on studying vibrations and sounds emanating from the human body.

These studies involve studying fluid motion and the sound that is generated in systems like the lungs, the heart, or blood vessels. The studies will involve testing the sound properties of soft tissue like the lungs, muscles, bones, and body fluids. The purpose of these studies is to gain more understanding of how body sounds are generated and transmitted in the human body and hence increase our ability to develop new concepts and procedures that can help physicians diagnosing diseases using these sounds.

For Open Positions
Please contact Prof. Hansen Mansy





ENG I, Room 308