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the labspace

The UCF BRaIN Lab is a 930 square foot state-of-the-art neuromechanics lab. The major equipment in the lab include:

  • A dual-belt Instrumented treadmill, mounted on a mobile platform enabling the treadmill to move side-to-side and change pitch (incline/decline). The treadmill is programmable and also has a self-paced mode. (Motek Forcelink M-Gait)
  • Robotic recumbent stepper (modified from a NuStep TRS 4000)
  • 22-camera motion capture system (OptiTrack, 9 Prime13 cameras & 13 Prime13W cameras)
  • 128 channel electroencephalography (EEG) system with a 128 channel EEG daisy chain option (BioSemi ActiveTwo)
  • 16 electromyography (EMG) & inertial measuring unit (IMU) sensors and 2 snap lead EMG adapters (Delsys Trigno IM)
  • Mobile metabolic system (Qubit CPX Q-Track)
  • Lockhead Martin FORTIS Industrial exoskeleton