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The HYSES laboratory is located in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at UCF. The primary activities of this laboratory are in the general area of mathematical modeling, simulations, system dynamics and control.

Our current research areas include sustainable energy systems with emphasis on high temperature fuel cells, energy storage, wind energy, distributed energy systems, as well as conventional power plants. In addition, the lab is involved in research on energy efficient UAVs and robotics.


The varied experience and expertise of the laboratory’s personnel has resulted in a diverse portfolio of research within the over-arching theme of system dynamics and control. The laboratory carries out independent and collaborative research in theoretical system dynamics and control as well as in application areas.

The laboratory’s research is supported by multiple intramural and extramural funding. Please browse the site for detailed information.

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Dr. Das’ Office: ENG1, Room 218 HySES Lab: ENG1, Room 267