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Our efforts have the power to positively change the world.

We’re leading the research work that will decarbonize power generation, aviation, and transportation. We are researching technologies to develop hypersonic vehicles, facilitate low-cost space exploration, and destroy chemical weapons.

Read more about our research and how we’re changing the world.

About Professor Vasu

Subith Vasu, a professor at UCF, is an expert in spectroscopy and optical diagnostics. This research group has authored more than 100 journal article and more than 250 conference articles using diagnostic sensors for a variety of applications including power generation, propulsion, transportation, explosions, and spacecraft air quality monitoring.

Every day I am reminded that our work is answering the very real need to keep our soldiers, our families, and our world safe from chemical weapons.

Subith Vasu
Principal Investigator


In this documentary, Dr. Subith Vasu, a combustion and fuel researcher, investigates what happens to toxic chemicals during explosions. Many such deadly substances may be already in the wrong hands, and detonating them may be an efficient way to eliminate them.

News Around the Lab

Graduate Student Marley Albright and Dr. Vasu check out NASA engine

Professor Vasu and his student, Marley, were able to check out this NASA engine as a part of their ongoing research project.
Jul 28, 2023

Dr. Gihun and colleagues work with LaVision representatives to improve our facilities

Our equipment partner, LaVision stopped by the lab to help us set up and improve our diagnostics.
Jun 08, 2023
Micheal Pierro Completes Summer Internship at Siemens Germany

Micheal Pierro Completes Summer Internship at Siemens Germany

While in Germany, he was able to meet up with Dr. Raghavan and fellow UCF student Perla Latorre
Aug 29, 2023

Interested in Joining Our Team?


Interested high-school students, educators, and near-peer mentors should check out our NEXTGEN-EDC program.

We are always looking for outstanding and motivated students to join our group. Please contact Prof. Vasu with your request and resume or CV.