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Dr. Vasu teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the thermo-fluids, combustion, and propulsion areas. PDF versions for past course syllabi have been made available below.

Course NameSyllabus
EML 5131 Combustion Phenomena- Spring 2012[Link]
EGN 3343H Thermodynamics Honors- Fall 2012[Link]
EAS 4300 Aerothermodynamics of Propulsion Systems- Spring 2013[Link]
EML 5090 Mechanical and Aerospace Graduate Seminar- Spring 2013[Link]
EML 6131 Combustion Phenomena- Fall 2013, Spring 2015[Link]
EML 4306C Energy Systems Lab- Spring 2014, 2015, 2016[Link]
EML 5937 Spectroscopy and Laser Diagnostics for Engineers- Spring 2014[Link]
EAS 4134 High Speed Aerodynamics- Fall 2014[Link]

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Seminar is held every Friday during fall and spring Semesters. Prof. Subith Vasu was the coordinator of these events in 2013.

January 25, 2013Dr. Jeffrey L. Kauffman – University of Central Florida[Link]
February 01, 2013Dr. Tim Brown – University of Central Florida[Link]
February 08, 2013Shari Hodgson, MA – University of Central Florida[Link]
February 15, 2013Vinod Philip – Siemens Energy, Inc. Orlando, FL[Link]
February 22, 2013Dr. Farrukh Alvi – Florida State University[Link]
March 01, 2013Dr. Judit Zador – Sandia National Laboratories[Link]
March 22, 2013Dr. Oana Cazacu – University of Florida[Link]
March 29, 2013Dr. Ephrahim Garcia – Cornell University[Link]
April 12, 2013Dr. B.F. Spencer, Jr. – University of Illinois[Link]
April 19, 2013Dr. S. Scott Goldsborough – Argonne National Laboratory[Link]