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1) G. Barari, B. Koroglu, S.S. Vasu, J.E Dec, C.A Taatjes, HCCI engine modeling of diisopropyl ketone, a prototypical biofuel 

2) S.S. Vasu, S.M. Sarathy, A kinetic model for the high-temperature oxidation of n-butanol based on recent shock tube/laser absorption experiments 

3) A.C. Terracciano, N. Orlovskaya, S.S. Vasu, Development of a Porous Combustor for the Efficient Extraction of Thermal Energy from Liquid and Gaseous Fuels 

4) Jihad Badra, Ahmed Elwardany, Fethi Khaled, Subith S. Vasu, Aamir Farooq, Measurements of the reaction rates of OH with ketones at high temperature 

5) K. Thurmond, E. Duenas, S.S. Vasu, W.P. Partridge Jr., Development of a LED-based sensor for simultaneous measurements of CO and CO2 from combustion exhausts 

Group Members at the ESS Conference held at Clemson