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Students from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering won big at the Student Scholar Symposium, the main event of UCF’s Student Research Week. The event combines both the Graduate Research Forum and the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence into one week-long symposium that includes workshops and a poster competition. This year, several students from MAE, as well as students mentored by MAE faculty and alumni, were recognized for their outstanding research.



Lillian Hoang, Kayla Brum, Alysha Irwin | Biomedical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering – “Self-expanding Polymeric Hemostatic Foam for Trauma and Wound Care” Advisor: Kausik Mukhopadhyay

Shea McLinden, Calvin MacDonald, Devon Lynn, Katherine Tran | Health Sciences Pre-Clinical and Biomedical Sciences – “Utilizing Electromyographic Video Games Controllers to Improve Outcomes for Prosthesis Users” Advisor: Albert Manero


Christian Vazquez | Aerospace Engineering – “Change in Dynamic Properties of a Magnetorheological Composite Beam from Time-Varying Magnetic Fields” Advisor: Jeffrey Kauffman

Although they didn’t win, several MAE students, and students mentored by MAE faculty, participated in the Student Scholar Symposium during Student Research Week. 



Vanessa D’Esposito, Maximus Schieman, Stephanie Mettler | Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering – “Evaluating the Effects of Sand Ingression on Novel Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Non-Destructive 3D Confocal Raman Spectroscopy” Advisor: Seetha Raghavan

Eric Irani | Mechanical Engineering – “Deriving In Vivo Gastrocnemius Moment Arm Using Motion Capture and Ultrasound” Advisor: Hwan Choi

Abbey Havel | Mechanical Engineering – “Gaseous Absorption Detection for Space Applications (GADSA): An LED-Based Early Fire Warning System” Advisor: Subith Vasu

Meghan Kenney | Mechanical Engineering – “Characterization of PTFE Materials for Extreme Environments” Advisor: Ali Gordon

Marley Albright | Mechanical Engineering – “Development of a Shock Tube Technique for Rocket Exhaust Plume Experiments” Advisor: Subith Vasu

Luis Fernando Sotomayor Garcia, Jamie Mihelich, Lauren Bansberg, Rohan Madathil, Isaac Turner | Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering – “Optical Properties of Lunar Regolith to Support In-situ Resource Utilization” Advisor: Seetha Raghavan

Jared Decker | Mechanical Engineering – “Leveraging Stiffness and Structural Anisotropy to Modulate Fluid-Structure Interaction of Deformable Cylinders in Laminar Crossflow” Advisor: Luigi Perotti

Rohan Madathil | Mechanical Engineering – “Exploration of Hafnium and Tantalum Carbides via Raman Spectroscopy” Advisor: Seetha Raghavan

Janaly Renaudin | Biotechnology – “MRI-Guided Targeted Prostate Biopsy: Advantages of One Stop Treatment” Advisor: Sam Song

Ivy Nguyen | Data Sciences – “Development of a Robotic System to Conduct Benchtop Tests of ExG Electrodes” Advisors: Helen Huang and Jinfeng Li

Madisyn Messmore | Mechanical Engineering – “Design and Development of Medical Devices for Multifaceted Applications” Advisor: Mehdi Razavi

Collin Barber | Photonic Science and Engineering – “Simulation of Oblique Shock Structures is Hypersonic Fluids” Advisor: Kareem Ahmed

Robert Riley, Blake Gassman, Austin Smith | Computer Science – “Mechatronic Musical Instrument: Performance Feedback” Advisor: Joon-Hyuk Park


Jinfeng Li | Mechanical Engineering – “Onset Timing of Treadmill Belt Perturbations During Walking Influences Propulsive Force” Advisor: Helen Huang

Melil Ahmed | Mechanical Engineering – “Models for the End-Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relation Based on Preclinical Experimental Data” Advisor: Luigi Perotti

Shah Wasif Sazzad | Mechanical Engineering – “An Algorithm to Construct the Tessellation of Colloidal Structures on General 2D Manifolds” Advisor: Luigi Perotti

Cesar Castano | Mechanical Engineering – “Unpredictable Discrete Mediolateral Treadmill Perturbations Increased Self-Paced Walking Speed” Advisor: Helen Huang

Nandhini Raju and Peter Warren | Mechanical Engineering – “Improving Density, Strength, Printability, Accuracy for 3D Printed Parts” Advisors: Jayanta Kapat, Erik Fernandez, Ranajay Ghosh, Seetha Raghavan, Ramesh Subramanian

Adedotun Banjo, Penny Allred, Hugh Leonard | Aerospace Engineering – “Numerical Simulation of Thermomechanical Buckling of Hypersonic Fuselage Panels in Combined Extreme Environments” Advisor: Ali Gordon

Lietsel Richardson | Biomedical Sciences – “Neglecting Hair Diversity Leads to Participation Misrepresentation in Neuroscience” Advisor: Helen Huang

View the winning posters and photos from Student Research Week in the gallery below.