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The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has welcomed two new faculty members: Lecturer Sagnik Mazumdar and Assistant Professor Joon-Hyuk Park.

Mazumdar joins UCF from Northern Arizona University, where he served as an instructor for five years. He brings extensive experience from industry, having completed sponsored projects for the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing, the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

His work focused on the modeling and analysis of issues in indoor and outdoor environments, and his areas of expertise extend to energy systems, HVAC-R systems, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Mazumdar is also highly proficient in computational fluid dynamics.

Prior to UCF, Park served as a National Research Council Research Associate at the U.S. Army Research Lab, specifically, the Integrated Enhancement Capability Branch, where he researched and evaluated exoskeletons designed for soldiers.

He joins UCF not only as a member of the MAE faculty, but as a member of the Disability, Aging and Technology Cluster. His research areas include robotics and mechatronics, human-robot interactions and adaptive control, and wearable assistive devices.

Park will manage the Wearable Engineering and Assistive Robotics Lab, which will support research on wearable technologies to assist, enable or augment human activities.