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Pelin Berik Giwa

Pelin Berik Giwa


Office: ENG I, Room 249

Office Hours: Mondays and Fridays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Pelin Berik Giwa is a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCF. Giwa was a visiting assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University in the Department of Physics in Los Angeles, California. She received her doctorate degree in mechatronics engineering from Johannes Kepler University and her diplom degree in mechanical engineering from Vienna University of Technology. Berik Giwa was a visiting professor at UCLA in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a postdoctoral researcher at California State University, North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech. Her research areas are piezoelectric actuators and materials, and nanotechnology applications in aerospace. Her Ph.D. thesis was based on piezoelectric torsion actuators to control torsional vibrations in flexible space and aerospace structures. Berik Giwa investigated nanotechnology applications in aerospace.

  • Piezoelectric transducers
  • Nanotechnology applications in aerospace
  • Experimental benchmarking
  • Finite element simulations
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  • Pelin Berik, Ayech Benjeddou, “Modal effective electromechanical coupling coefficient of shear-mode piezoceramic sandwich cantilevers with segmented multicore: Experimental and numerical assessments”, Journal of Vibration and Control, 2020, 1(11).
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  • Pelin Berik, Deepam Maurya, Prashant Kumar, Min Gyu Kang, Shashank Priya, “Enhanced torsional actuation and stress coupling in Mn-modified 0.93(Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3)-0.07BaTiO3 lead-free piezoceramic system”, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Volume 18, 2017 – Issue 1.
  • Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences Max Kade Fellowship
  • American Society of Engineering Education
  • American Association of University Professors 
  • EGN 3321: Engineering Analysis – Dynamics
  • EML 3034C: Modeling Methods in MAE
  • EML 3034H: Honors Modeling Methods in MAE

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