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UCF Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day, Featuring the BRaIN Lab

June 23, 2023
In the BRaIN Lab at UCF, researchers are working to understand how the brain and body work together to control how humans move their bodies. Called the Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, and Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (BRaIN) Lab, students and faculty use electroencephalography (EEG) technology to measure the electrical activity of the brain during movement. But something even more is […]

Engineering Grant Seeks to Predict Falls – and How to Stop Them

October 30, 2017
More than 2.8 million older Americans visit emergency rooms for fall-related injuries each year, but UCF Assistant Professor Helen Huang hopes those numbers can be reduced with the help of a new $1.5 million engineering grant she received to find new approaches for predicting fall risk and creating balance-training programs. Huang secured the National Institutes […]