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To the Moon: MAE Alumnus Shares Experience With Artemis I Mission

September 11, 2023
When the Artemis I rocket launched into space, the world watched with wonder as NASA took the first giant step toward its goal of traveling back to the moon. The milestone was momentous and couldn’t have happened without the tireless work of UCF alumni, students and faculty. Alumnus Brandon Kutchera, who graduated with a degree […]

UCF Student Team Named Finalists in NASA Aerospace Competition

May 9, 2022
A team of UCF students has been named a finalist in the NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition, which aims to develop innovative technologies that further human space exploration. This is the first time a team from UCF has advanced to the final round in this competition. The Knights will compete […]

The Crawl Before The Launch

March 17, 2022
On March 17 aerospace engineering alum Breanne Rohloff  ’19 will settle into her 2016 Chevy Cruze and make her daily one-hour commute to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) where she works as an engineer. Rohloff’s car is an automatic because, she admits, “I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.” Somewhere in the same KSC parking lot, Dan Zapata […]

Meet the 24-Year-Old Who Drives NASA Rockets to the Launch Pad in a 6.5 Million Pound Crawler

February 11, 2022
Rockets don’t just spawn on the launch pad. You know this, even if sometimes it seems like the behemoths that launch explorations to space spontaneously line up, ready to blast off. After all, what machine on Earth is even capable of hauling skyscraper-sized structures over solid ground? Ask Breanne Rohloff — she’s an engineer for NASA contractor […]

UCF to Lead $10M NASA Project to Develop Zero-Carbon Jet Engines

January 27, 2022
UCF is developing new technology that is expected to make airplane engines emission free, potentially revolutionizing the aviation industry. UCF put together a team of experts and stakeholders to evaluate their innovation, which aims to not only make aviation fuel green, but also create engines and fueling systems that easily integrate into current airport infrastructure […]