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UCF Researchers Develop New Nanomaterial to Derive Clean Fuel from the Sea

July 28, 2021
Hydrogen fuel derived from the sea could be an abundant and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, but the potential power source has been limited by technical challenges, including how to practically harvest it. Researchers at the University of Central Florida have designed for the first time a nanoscale material that can efficiently split seawater into […]

UCF Engineering and Biology Researchers Collaborate to Aid Coral Reef Restoration

January 11, 2021
Florida’s threatened coral reefs have a more than $4 billion annual economic impact on the state’s economy, and University of Central Florida researchers are zeroing in on one factor that could be limiting their survival – coral skeleton strength. In a new study published in the journal Coral Reefs, UCF engineering researchers tested how well […]

Engineering Students Awarded 2019 Astronaut Scholarships

October 3, 2019
Two UCF Honors Scholars, Christopher Clifford and Zoe Barbeau, have been awarded Astronaut Scholarships for 2019. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, created in 1984 by Mercury 7 astronauts, recognizes talented STEM students in their junior or senior year of college who intend to pursue research or advance their field after graduation. Awards are up to $10,000. […]

Research Week Wrap-Up: Students, Faculty Win Awards

April 15, 2019
During the first week of April, the research efforts of graduate and undergraduate students take center stage at UCF’s Student Research Week. This year, 10 mechanical and aerospace engineering students won awards for their research — and two faculty won awards for their teaching and dedication to student research. Read on for the complete list […]