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UCF students shared their discoveries, findings and breakthroughs at the 2023 Student Scholar Symposium. More than 500 students, including some from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, showcased their work at the annual research celebration co-hosted by the College of Graduate Studies, the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Division of Student Success and Well-Being. Below are the winners from MAE and a list of participants.


“High Pressure Ignition Study of Methane and CO2 Near 200 Bar in a Shock Tube” – Sam Klopp
Advisor: Subith Vasu

“Noninvasive Detection of Intracranial Pressure Using Pulsation of Tympanic Membrane” – Rajkumar Dhar
Advisor: Hansen Mansy


“Optical Diagnostics Stand for Hypersonic Propulsion Development” – William Hilal
Advisor: Kareem Ahmed

“An Experimental Investigation on Wedge Induced Flame Acceleration” – Taylor Brown
Advisor: Kareem Ahmed

“Morphing of Composite Laminates Due to Applied Thermal Loading for Thermal Management” – Maxwell Booth
Advisor: Jeff Kauffman

“The Early Propagation and Burning of Hydrogen in the Process of the Deflagration to Detonation Transition” – Rom Amasay
Advisor: Kareem Ahmed

“Fluid-Surface Interactions in a Controlled Atmosphere Using a Low-Cost Vacuum Chamber” – Lucca Carvalho Assuncao, Lucas Pitts
Advisor: Shawn Putnam

“Characterization of a Shock Tube Modification for Generating Hypersonic Environments” – Marley Albright
Advisor: Subith Vasu

“Design of an Innovative Semi-Robotic Knee Arthroscopy Device for Stable Intraoperative Assistance” – Thai Huaa
Advisors: Sam Song and Yuanli Bai

“Cavitation Breakup in Water Droplets” – Anthony Aguilera
Advisor: Subith Vasu

“Asymmetric Design of Small Vessels for Drag Reduction in the Semi-Planning Regime” – Jonathan Gitzendanner
Advisor: Luigi Perotti

“Experiments on Water Droplet Breakup in a Detonation Medium” – Fawzan Ahmed
Advisor: Michael Kinzel

“Study of miR-216a Conjugated Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles for Increasing Insulin and Antioxidant Properties of Type 1 Diabetic Pancreatic Beta Cells” – Shah Wasif Sazzad
Advisor: Luigi Perotti

“Understanding Bimanual Coordination Movement Using Electroencephalography (EEG) With Robotic Devices Performing Perturbations” – Katelyn Rivera
Advisor: Qiushi Fu

“The Roles of Substrate Stiffness on Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Inducers in Endothelial Cells” – Marvin Mendoza
Advisor: Robert Steward

“IPT Machine 2.0” – Sumaya Yusuf
Advisor: Joon-Hyuk Park