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Five UCF researchers have been awarded more than $450,000 in SEED funding thanks to a new collaboration between the UCF Office of Research and the international nano and digital technology research and development company imec.

Researchers from the College of Engineering and Computer ScienceCollege of Optics and PhotonicsCollege of Sciences, and College of Medicine are expected to commence their work by the beginning of the fall semester.

To be considered, projects had to engage in research and/or development activities in the areas of high performance integrated electro-optical devices, novel device concepts for integrated optical coherent transceivers, integrated radio-frequency transceiver architectures and devices for operation above 100GHz, and/or lens free imaging and microfluidic devices to study bone cell activity in microgravity.

The projects are:

Assistant Professor Michael Kinzel

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Awarded $51,898 to study LFI-based measurements of microfluidic fluid-flow to augment bone cell activity in altered gravity.

Kinzel’s project, which will use a microscope newly developed by imec, complements Coathup’s work.  Kinzel will use the automated, wide-field-of-view microscope to study fluid dynamics impact on growth in altered gravity zones and create computer models to better understand the impact of how fluids — such as liquids found in the human body — work in these environments.

Written by Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala for UCF Today.