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New Green Storage System Offers Renewable Energy On-Demand

February 7, 2023
Fans of Back to the Future may remember the term “flux capacitor” as a fictional device that allows for time travel. That device still doesn’t exist, but a University of Central Florida storage technology does use a different type of flux capacitor developed by NASA. While trying to find a way to store renewable energy […]

UCF to Lead $10M NASA Project to Develop Zero-Carbon Jet Engines

January 27, 2022
UCF is developing new technology that is expected to make airplane engines emission free, potentially revolutionizing the aviation industry. UCF put together a team of experts and stakeholders to evaluate their innovation, which aims to not only make aviation fuel green, but also create engines and fueling systems that easily integrate into current airport infrastructure […]

Mitsubishi Power and UCF Develop NOx Tracking Tool

August 24, 2021
Mitsubishi Power Americas and the University of Central Florida have formed an industry-education partnership to establish a reliable and accessible source of information that tracks nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as the U.S. power generation industry undergoes an energy transformation to decarbonize. The online Power Generation NOx Tracker uses data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency database […]

UCF and Its Students Thrive with Aerospace Industry Partnerships

February 22, 2019
In real estate, they say the three most important factors are “location, location, location,” and that certainly can’t hurt a university interested in seeing as many of its graduates as possible hired by leading companies in desirable fields — like, say, aerospace. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the University of Central Florida, which has […]