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When Dianna Choque stepped on to the UCF campus for the first time, she knew this was the university she wanted to attend. The regional competitions of her high school For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) robotics team brought her to the main campus annually – and eventually led her to the campus full time.

“The regional was something I looked forward to every year and every year that I would go, I would learn more about UCF that would make my love the school even more,” Choque says. “By senior year of high school, it had solidified my choice of university to attend.”

Now Choque is ready to graduate from UCF with her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. She’s one of the 9,000 Knights who will across the stage during the spring commencement ceremonies.

Choque’s interest in engineering started as a child, when she would build Lego sets with her father and brother. She was fascinated by the different types of objects they could build and the creativity it fostered.

This was my first introduction to engineering before I even knew what engineering really was,” Choque says. “It captivated me to consider that this was something that I could pursue in life, something that allowed me to be innovative with endless possibilities.”

That early interest in engineering turned into an education – one that she plans to continue after graduation. Choque to attend the University of Tennessee for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

As a Knight, one of her favorite memories was working as a referee and lead supervisor at the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center. She says she made great connections there and learned a lot from the experience.

“The RWC has taught me many valuable lessons and has allowed me to grow as a person,” Choque says. “I was also able to strengthen my communication and leadership skills, and it allowed me to network with other people.”

For future UCF engineering graduates, Choque shares one piece of advice: Enjoy the ride.

“Enjoy the moment and be present,” Choque says. “Don’t forget to enjoy the college life and the opportunities that UCF has to offer. Our education comes first and is of priority, but it’s important to have balance and to also do things that make you happy. UCF offers so many great experiences and opportunities that should not be passed up.”