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A group of UCF mechanical engineering students just had their research published in a scientific journal. But you don’t have to read about their experiment – you can see it in action.

The research, titled “Scalable Stamp Printing and Fabrication of Hemiwicking Surfaces,” was published this past month by the Journal of Visualized Research, known for producing step-by-step videos of the experiments described in its text articles.

In the video, graduate student Thomas Germain demonstrates a new cost-effective, time-saving technique for creating hemiwicking surfaces, can be used to study fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Of course, the full article does accompany the video for those who want to dive even further into their research.

Germain co-authored the article along with undergraduate students Chance Brewer and James L. Scott Jr., also seen in the video. All three students are a part of Associate Professor Shawn Putnam’s lab, where they study thermal management systems to improve methods used for cooling electronic devices.

“It is such an honor and very exciting to be published as an undergraduate student,” Brewer said. “It says that the work we are doing is contributing to the STEM community.”

This is the first publication for the undergraduates, to whom Germain gives most of the credit.

“It’s not only exciting to have a publication in a notable journal, but it’s equally as exciting to see Chance and James have their names on the publication,” Germain said. “They worked hard with the experiments and editing process and it’s always great to see their hard work pay off.”

Visit JoVE’s website to view the article and video.