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3 UCF Students Support Military Through 2022 X-Force Fellowships

September 21, 2022
Three UCF students spent the summer engineering new ideas to support the military through the highly competitive National Security Innovation Network X-Force Fellowship. Through the fellowship, students are paired with a military sponsor to work on a mission-focused project that solves real-world national security issues. Out of 600 applicants, UCF’s Patrick Borgman, Amy Lebanoff ’20 and Michael […]

Mythbusters Inspires Engineering Student to Conduct Research

February 27, 2020
Amy Lebanoff, a mechanical engineering student at UCF, has the TV show Mythbusters to thank for her passion for engineering and biology. She always admired the Discovery Channel program because the hosts make science engaging, educational and accessible. “That’s a sure-fire recipe for making a positive impact,” says Lebanoff, a Jacksonville native. When she joined a robotics club […]

Spotlight on Study Abroad: Amy Lebanoff

February 3, 2020
Get to know mechanical and aerospace engineering student Amy Lebanoff, who visited Brazil as part of her study abroad experience. What did you do while studying abroad in Brazil? The trip was a combination of cultural, professional, and academic experiences. We began with culture in São Paulo, Brazil’s most populated city. Here, we explored the […]

Honors Scholar Selected for Prestigious Research Internship in Karlsruhe, Germany

March 1, 2019
Research is more than sitting in a lab or crunching numbers on a computer; it is an experience that transcends cultures and communities. This is something that Amy Lebanoff, a junior mechanical engineering major, understands completely. “I love this field because research is just about learning and creating knowledge for other people, which eventually led […]