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Gordon Receives Inaugural Champion of Undergraduate Research Award

April 1, 2019
Just weeks after high school graduation, Ali Gordon was working on computer programs with his physics professor at Morehouse College. It was a hot summer in Atlanta and Gordon was working from his professor’s stuffy, cramped office. With no computer to actually work on, and no budget to buy one, he had to write code […]

Student Named Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher

February 6, 2019
We met with this month’s Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher, Daniel Rosato, to talk about his research experience at UCF. He is currently conducting research with Kareem Ahmed in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Rosato first got involved with his research experience before being admitted to UCF. He said, “I actually met him (Ahmed) before […]

Cranking Up the Power Setting May Help Some Who Use Prosthetics

December 6, 2018
Amputees who use powered prosthetic ankles may be able to avoid the energetic costs typically associated with prosthetics by cranking up the power provided by their devices. A UCF engineering professor recently published a study in Scientific Reports that shows that people with transtibial amputations—the loss of a limb below the knee—may improve their walking ability if […]

Physics of Fruit: Secrets of Citrus Micro-Jets

July 20, 2018
Among the many sub-disciplines of physics are quantum mechanics, cosmology and the physics of fruit. It’s not a field that universities or learned societies recognize, but it fits the investigation of how reservoirs in the skin of citrus fruit burst and shoot out micro-jets of aromatic oil at more than 30 feet per second. Andrew Dickerson […]

Going Global: UCF Engineers Shine Conducting Research Abroad

November 22, 2017
If your idea of an engineering student is a rainbow-haired former fine arts major who traveled to Cologne, Germany for a ten-week science fellowship at the German Aerospace Center as well as a stint at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago and, oh, yes, is a woman, then you might be familiar with Seetha Raghavan’s lab. […]