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UCF Students to Host First Collegiate Drone Racing Competition

May 13, 2019
Two University of Central Florida engineering students have launched a drone racing league, with the goal being to eventually host intercollegiate competitions in the region. Derek Saltzman and Mason Mincey’s first competition was scheduled for Saturday, with the plan being to pit teams of local pilots against one another at RCACF Tangerine Field in Apopka, […]

UCF Students Remodel Drone Racing With Startup Company SOAR Aerospace

February 6, 2019
Robots soar through the sky at 80 mph, zipping around obstacles and racing towards the finish line. This is drone racing, where pilots wear virtual reality goggles that livestream video footage to their stationary cockpits as they compete against a handful of other drones. The sport is taking off, and UCF aerospace engineering majors Mason […]