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Training in Robotic Systems Leads to Sea of Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Alumnus

May 11, 2023
Under the ocean lies a mysterious world of sea creatures, coral reefs, aquatic plants…and underwater robots. Those robots aren’t toy fish or mechanical sharks used in films, but rather unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) used by research organizations and the military. UCF alumnus Cody Nichoson ’21 is the newest member of the team that develops UUVs […]

Alumna Creates AI-Based Platform to Help Users Set and Achieve Their Goals

May 2, 2023
Sometimes you need a little bit of motivation to achieve your goals. Instead of relying on lists and planners, vision boards, and even friends and family to help you stay accountable, you can now use an artificial intelligence-based platform built by UCF mechanical engineering alumna Eduarda Ferreira. That platform, socra, launched at the end of […]

Limbitless Solutions Completes First Clinical Study of Hands-free Wheelchair Technology

April 10, 2023
University of Central Florida’s Limbitless Solutions is moving forward with its patented hands-free wheelchair technology. The technology allows patients with limited mobility to use their facial muscles to control their wheelchairs. This is done using electromyography sensors that are placed on a patient’s temporalis muscles to control a wheelchair or vehicle. When a user clenches […]

UCF Alum Expands Business, Receives Support From Blue Origin

March 1, 2023
Abhishek Sastri ’20 built a business on cooling technology for high-performance computers. Now, the UCF mechanical engineering alumnus plans to take the business one step further by developing cooling technology for data centers around the world. The coolant is unlike anything created on Earth. It’s created in microgravity, and has already received recognition from Blue Origin. Sastri’s company, […]