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MAE Boasts 3 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows

April 28, 2023
Ten UCF Knights, including three from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, are the recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, where they receive financial support for their education and an annual stipend to support their research and career endeavors. It is one of the most prestigious awards for graduate students, […]

7 UCF Students Graduating this Week Say Limbitless Solutions Changed Their Lives

May 7, 2021
Seven students graduating from the University of Central Florida this week say their college experience would not have been complete without the time spent at Limbitless Solutions. The students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Sciences, and the College of Arts and Humanities, all interned at Limbitless Solutions, a UCF-based engineering […]

Building the Future: Two MAE Students Awarded Astronaut Scholarship

June 17, 2020
Two Burnett Honors Scholars, Rishi Basdeo and Emma Shafer, were the recipients of the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship this year. The scholarship, which is awarded by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation to promising STEM students seeking to conduct graduate research and advance their fields, is highly competitive. Since 1986, 39 scholarships have been awarded to UCF students. […]