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• Agricultural and field robots — Professor Yunjun Xu
• Astrodynamics — Assistant Professor Tarek Elgohary
• Control applications and theory — Professor Yunjun Xu
• Cooperative system — Professor Yunjun Xu
• Flying vehicles — Professor Yunjun Xu
• Modeling and simulation — Associate Professor Kurt Lin
• Nonlinear dynamics — Associate Professor Jeffrey Kauffman
• Optimal control — Assistant Professor Tarek Elgohary
• Renewable energy — Associate Professor Kurt Lin
• Robotics — Assistant Professor Tarek Elgohary
• Space situational awareness — Assistant Professor Tarek Elgohary
• Structural dynamics — Associate Professor Jeffrey Kauffman
• Swarming robots — Associate Professor Kurt Lin

Control and Dynamics Faculty

Equipment in Kinzel's lab


Device in Elgohary's lab

Control and Dynamics

Kareem Ahmed


Kawai Kwok

Structures and Materials

Shock tube in Vasu's lab

Systems Design and Optimization