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• Computational fluid dynamics — Assistant Professor Michael Kinzel
• Experimental fluid mechanics — Assistant Professor Samik Bhattacharya
• Flow control — Assistant Professor Samik Bhattacharya
• Fluid dynamics — Assistant Professor Michael Kinzel
• Fluid mechanics — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Fluid-structure interactions — Assistant Professor Samik Bhattacharya
• Low-speed aerodynamics — Lecturer Ahmet Ozbay
• Multiphase flow — Assistant Professor Michael Kinzel
• Unsteady fluid mechanics — Assistant Professor Samik Bhattacharya
• Vortex flow dynamics — Lecturer Ahmet Ozbay
• Wind tunnel testing — Lecturer Ahmet Ozbay
• Wind turbine aeromechanics — Lecturer Ahmet Ozbay

Aerodynamics Faculty

Equipment in Kinzel's lab


Device in Elgohary's lab

Control and Dynamics

Kareem Ahmed


Kawai Kwok

Structures and Materials

Shock tube in Vasu's lab

Systems Design and Optimization