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• Advanced laser diagnostics — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Chemical kinetics — Associate Professor Subith Vasu
• Deflagrations and detonations — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Flow-flame control — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Heat transfer — Assistant Professor Michael Kinzel
• High-speed compressible turbulent flows — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Hypersonic and supersonic compressible reacting flows — Assistant Professor Kareem Ahmed
• Optical diagnostics and sensors development — Associate Professor Subith Vasu
• Shock tubes and shock waves — Associate Professor Subith Vasu

Propulsion Faculty

Equipment in Kinzel's lab


Device in Elgohary's lab

Control and Dynamics

Kareem Ahmed


Kawai Kwok

Structures and Materials

Shock tube in Vasu's lab

Systems Design and Optimization