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• Adsorption cooling — Professor Louis Chow
• Desalination — Professor Louis Chow
• Energy systems and wind energy — Associate Professor Tuhin Das
• Renewable energy utilization — Professor Louis Chow
• Energy conversion — Associate Professor Nina Orlovskaya
• Heat transfer — Professor Yoav Peles and Associate Lecturer Tian Tian
• Heat transfer in electro-optical, computing and power systems — Professor Louis Chow
• Hybrid fuel cells — Associate Professor Tuhin Das
• Microfluidics — Professor Hyoung Jin “Joe” Cho
• Phase change — Professor Yoav Peles
• Power plants — Associate Professor Tuhin Das
• Spray cooling — Professor Louis Chow

Thermofluids Faculty

Tuhin Das in his lab

Dynamics and control

Dazhong Wu

Mechanical Systems

Equipment in Joe Cho's lab


Equipment in Joe Cho's lab


Equipment in Joe Cho's lab